8 février 2005

*** this is part of the quite old stuff supposed to be blogged a few weeks -months ?- ago ; here it is, even if you don't really care, you... you...anyway. 8)
*** the Angouleme report, complete with pictures, slowly comes, i promise.... 8°

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- A few weeks ago, spending time in Paris with many good friends was cool as fuck.

At first, it was on a thursday, for a meeting with bookshop people, from everywhere in france, and with whom my boss sent me to work on some "end-of-the-year" catalog ; of course, i was there for the comics part of the catalog. I went to discuss about which book we should select, and about which ones we should forget... and it was cool to push books that i loved : 2 of my favorites books of the year are parts of the 12 books selection ("Smart Monkey" from Winshluss, published by french top publisher Cornelius, and the only Yoshiharu Tsuge book available in french, courtesy of Ego Comme X), and the others are quite cool too (it was funny to see these two books including for the nominated best books for Angouleme Comics Festival 2005 ; maybe i should ask some money to the people running it). 8)

Then, on thursday eve, i saw my good pals Gilles, Xa', and Vincent (here is his blog), and met a few people than i knew only through the net way : french comics author Marc (here is his blog), and blogger (and comics reader, and music lover, and blablabla) Matt ; we met in one of Paris' best comicshop (France best comic shop ?), "Super Heros", where Marc had a sign/dedication of is last book (the 348951 he did this year), and had a great time, having diner in some cool place : speaking about what you love with people you love is something hard to do when you loooove comics art and that you're living in Besancon, indeed. We decided to meet again on friday evening, for some biiiiiiiig Rosinsky exhibition opening. Bye guys !

After this, i spent the night with my good old friend Jeje, and i finally met his sweet girlfriend ; it was just dope to spend time with them, as it was centuries since i last saw Jeje... too old in fact ! we drink tea and played with his monster cat, while listening hot shit. Big fat tracks, from vintage classic but forgotten soul to these nice brokenbeat shit from these west london people we both dig so much, from the beginning ; and of course, listening to his last shit : aside his last work for others (Crusho got a BlackJoy treatment for "someone to love", on Q-Tape, or Bang Bang track "silicone" was blackjoyzed on Yellow Productions), the guy is doing mad shit with his little crew, and it's sounds better and better each time i check it : unreleased shit in the discman almost makes me dance in the train back to Besancon (and we all danced on "La Stache", Blackjoy last 12", released these days through Yellow Prod, when i play the track for some dj'ing evening... nice shot indeed)... Then, after this pretty cool day, i finally got to sleep...

On friday morning, we did some cd's bizness (Jeje, if you're reading these, i owe you something like 652184 cd's), then we cooked, then we took lunch and then it was time to go to check some spraycan freak, some vector maestro, some graphotism pervert, the guy from the east called Akroe. He's the guy responsible for many pieces of artwork you handle or see or read without knowing it, but trust me, 95% of the last beautiful artwork you saw this last months went out of his dirty pair of hands, either press productions, advertising, logos, records covers, or even clothes. Not glad to take care of all the visual around TTC shit (either last album cover -you cannot dig it as far as you didn't got it in your hands- or sister label Institubes), Akroe is doing plenty of shit for your eyes, more often in the record company field, but he always find time to develop serious visual arts concepts either through sticking or graffiti ; this guy could be the perfect guru when post-graffiti lovers will become a sect. Plus, he's a total degenerated stupid, stupid guy, which is a real "+" in this asslicking world. And i'm not writing this because i leave Akroe with plenty of stickers and shit in my bag, nooooot aaaaaat aaaaaaal.

As i'm a real, real fortunate guy, i went to this place Akroe talked about me, his friend Romu' shop, The Lazy Dog.
from great clothes to great toys, from the nice gallery downstairs to the huge rare prints, from the incredible choice of great books to the funky toys everywhere, Romu have one the best shops in town (am talkin' bout Paris, uh ?), and he's a guy totally and truly devoted to what he does. Of course you got to forget your money before entering this amazing urban-(pl)a(r)tform, but i didn't gave a fuck with my platinium, uh uh uh. hum. well.

Some time in Paris could never be the same without any shopping for Drine, who asked me for mangaka art supplies from Junko, some japanese bookshop who sells art stuff ; "Nancy Pena is using these very japanese drawing pen, and look at her inking, holy fuck ! i want some, too", said my favorite brunette, so i got no choice.
I also grabbed a few japanese magazines, which always look huge when you turn over their pages, and which looks incredibly hard to understand when you're looking closer, hoping to find something not too hard. Heck, next time maybe ; at least i got some japanese readings when my japaneses friends will come home... I just have to find some japanese friends, that's it.

Time to go through the usual international Smith library in Paris, near Le Louvre, to buy the last issue of Straight No Chaser, which i totally read before passing through Dijon in the train back, and did some subway extras between a few records shops, to find out that Paris lost of its grandeur when it comes to records shops ; or maybe i need some new adresses, i dunno.

And it was already pretty late, so i run to meet "my comics crew", Xa', Gilles, Marc and others, at this varnishing day at La Conciergerie, one of the beautifullest spots in Paris ; it was pretty big and full of people, including people from the comics business, that we all tried to ran away. 8)
Great moments : meeting Phicil, some brilliant artist working with Marc along other projects, and also meeting Xaxa's girlfriend ; oh yep, another great moment : Xa' almost jumped on some old annoying guy who was trying to speak with her girl. Damn, never speak to Xa' girlfriend, my friends, never do it. 8)
Last great moment : Gilles, who's not eating this much while his wife went to UK for a few months, finally went nuts with the meal and turn bulimic in 10 seconds ; he drew this very scene on his blog right here.
Do i have "great moments" about comics of this comics art varnishing time ? hell no. 8)

After that ? Time to take some train for coming back to my cultural coma-like area.
While crossing La Seine on some beautiful bridges, with my bags full of records, books, whatsoever, i got some bad nostalgia moments about the time i spent in Paris a few years ago : of course, being a provincial, living in the countryside, have some good sides. But heck, as far as i can tell, it's true that life in Paris allows you to choose what you wanna do/see/live on a multicultural level : exactly something you cannot dream about when living in my poor little town of Besancon. Then i took the subway to the train station, and i forgot also many bad sides of Paris. 8)
Spending some times in some pretty cool city, which is 3 hours and something from me, is something that i do pretty often, and things are perfect this way. Going to Paris, or in other "real" towns, is perfect for punctual, accurate reasons, and this is something that works for me this way.
Hopefully see you soon, guys !

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