16 décembre 2002


so here we are : back from one week in a small (and totally dead) town called Montbéliard, in what some may see "the asshole of the universe".
i'll try to resume very soon this pretty interesting week (of spinning, listening, meeting people, chatting, etc...) working with this bunch of nice guys at WNE, a nice online radio, but first, here a pic of my man Farid, a good friend of mine who's a lot into old soul, current broken beat, and future jazz... including is the playlist of the selection he done for the monday night (at the radio, as a special guest).

nina simone "images" verve
ian simmonds "escape to where" ssr
herbie hancock & tony williams "transparent music"
cinnematic orchesta "all things to all me" ninja tune
marcus belgrave "space odyssey" soul jazz records
flanger "innerspacesuit" ninja tune
neon phusion "space jam" law of motion
4 hero "another day" talkin'loud
billie holliday (dzihan/khamien remix) "don't explain" verve
tweak "private sky" straight ahead
big band "ping pong" arison music
cultural mambo "docking..." nuphonic
troublemakers "allen fresh" comet records
jazzanova "dance the dance" compost
vickter duplaix "that night" holliwood records
jazzanova "mwela,mwela" compost
vickter duplaix "sensuality" !k7
v/a the philadelphia experiment remixed... grover rope a dope records
seiji "loose lips" bittasweet
marlena shaw "women of the ghetto (live)" chess records
art ensemble of chicago "theme de yoyo" soul jazz records

Here's Fafa himself !!!

and here's your friendly June ! (those who have good glasses will see vinyl sleeves of Gary Bartz ("music is my sanctuary"), Sonic Sum LP, Thawfor (featuring Mike Ladd, Slug and co), the Goats' first LP (philie represent !), the great Chris de Luca + Peabird LP, an old Cymande LP, Anti Pop Consortium + Kaos + Patrick Pulsinger (brilliant 12" release on k7 last year), and also a radio mix (CD) from dj Vadim, between many other things...

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