13 mai 2003


yeah i know. NO, don't think i'm giving up this blog. it's just that i just can't see the end of my many many runs-to-nowhere.
anyway. still waiting for more stability in my life, and for some time for writing here all the stuff that i wanna say. or share. or whatever.

last weekend was SPENDING MONEY time, as i spent a few days buying comics and records, with an ease that should scare me.
let's see what we have here...
- yeah... got it, at least : ORBITER by Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran,
- the overmediatized 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (tpb) by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith (idw publishing),
- some Vertigo nice shit, FABLES (tpb) (dc/vertigo),
- wow, some Paul Pope kindalike... non, just kidding. CHANNEL ZERO : JENNIE ONE from Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan (ait/planet lar),
- more Mignola's red creature, HELLBOY : WEIRD TALES 1 & 2 (feat. Andi Watson, John Cassaday,and many other...),
- some WEASEL comics from Dave Cooper (Fantagraphics),
- the biiiig X-FORCE HARDCOVER tpb from Milligan and Allred.
- some very old issue of FLBLB, a indy french comics anthology,
- the last Comic Book Artist magazine, featuring loads of stuff on John Buscema (rip) and Adam Hugues,
- and a magnificient print for the small press expo of last september, done by Jason Little (fourth pic on this link)... oh my god i like it, it's beautifuuuul.

oups i gotta go. is this... ? yeah. fuck. it's already time to quit. will be back on friday, i think. got many REAL things to say, and not only reviews of the above stuff.
damn fuckin public computer sharing... argh.

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