25 septembre 2002


It's not exactly tomorrow, but maybe it deserve a few preparation, like talking about it to my people.
November the 29 will be the great annual Buy Nothing Day.

As related on adbusters page, "Given the direct link between overconsumption and problems ranging from deforestation to global warming (remember, the first "R" is "Reduce"), we'll be asking eco-groups to summon a little royal jelly and "participate by not participating." With vocal support from the greens, BND really could become an eco-holiday sans frontières."
it seems that over years, so called open minded organisations "for a better tomorrow" aren't all in the BND mantra, which, of course, looks prett stupid from my point of view ; more details in a gooooood and coooooorrect english on the above link, which is indeed something you don't wanna miss...

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