23 septembre 2002


This last week, my friend Feet got a phone call asking him if he was okay for spin at a party in our local area ; he asked me if i was okay to go spin with him, probably because 1) we do a lot of dates together these last times, and 2) he didn't knew anybody at this little event and 3) there were only hard techno dj's , so Feet and his drum'n'bass skills and myself (with a few hip hop wax) could help the non techno headz. The only fact we knew : the party was for a girl who'll leave France for study in Edimburgh, in Scotland, for the next years. There will be a soundsystem and they rent some big center (usually for vacation camp or something), so even if i was dead tired on saturday evening, we went there, alongside Küs (Feet partner in crime with their drum'n'bass live act), with our little records and a lot of vitamins.

First slap on our faces : the average age was at last 10 years younger than us ; there were tons of boys and girls around their 18's, some older, but all were freeparty peope-look-alike, boys with military dungaree pants, camouflage caps, and girls with the last etnies or emerica shoes, big attitude and tongue piercing that the little young bitches were proud to show to anybody wanna see 'em. damn.
Küs made us laugh to death as a big, black, nice dog felt in love with him, trying to fuck his legs a few times and spent the night following him each time he moved somewhere. Anyway.

Other thing : loads of them were eating X and a few had some mushrooms, at 9 pm, 75% of them were totally drunk and i can't even remember how many of them i saw dealing pieces of hash. Fuck, these little bastards got quantity of whatever you search for. One of them was around his 14 and was exchanging pot with tablets. damn (part. 2).

While we were killing our eardrum with their tribe/bad bad bad hard tech, mixed as good as Rob Liefeld can draw (see how reac i can be, uh ?), we decided quickly to spin very early, enough to let us go out of this trap SOON. shit, i can't stand teenage recreation, i had already live this shit too many times by my early years. it's okay, thanks ! so there were 2 rooms, the main one, and a second one, at first supposed to become the chill out room or something. Well, perfect quiet place for my business, i was thinking, while speaking with the nice cutie girl who was glad to leave eastern France in 3 days... and i understand her, hmmm.
So after the guys "tried" the sound in the little room, i quickly took the tables and did a hip hop set, and shortly after, Feet dropped his jungle biznizz in the main room. by 1am and something we were done and we stopped quite all together, and decided to leave.

Apart a guy asked me for baaaaaaaad french hip hop ("hey man, can't you play some NTM tracks ? what you play just sucks..."), another one asking me if i was into turntablizm ("hey, have you seen the last DMC contest ? man, it's great, you should see that"), another one fucked up ("man, let me kiss you on the mouth, as i love everybody tonight !", which was funny and nice, not like the first one), nothing terrific, minus the fact that i was feeling not at my place, at all.
When i'm doing shit at the radio or in bars or in concerts, it's different. When i'm dj'ing at some friends party, it's the same environment, so i know where i am ; now, it was disturbing cause i was in the middle of what i was 10 to 12 years ago : somebody with a strong desire of being recognized, somebody who want to be knowed as a rebel, as a guy away from "this bullshit sytem, ya know ?", somebody who don't give a fuck about what others says, even if it's better for me ; some kind of young stupid lad with nothing but desire of drugs, sex and rock'n'roll, hotdammmmit ! nothing new, ehhh. time goes, but people goes through the same old schemas, i suppose. Maybe my 30 years anniversary coming slowly (but surely) doesn't help ! anyway. Feet and i promised to never come again in a place where we're the ancestors...

In my eternal desire to spread the good vibes, i tried to play some okay hip hop, not only new shit, even if they probably waited for some mainstream shit ; but no Eminem, Ja Rule or Jay Z in my bag. here's a list of what i play, in the correct order :

Attica Blues "abstract original (deep south mix)" (mo wax)
Wagon Christ "bend over" (ninja tune)
Atmosphere "god's bathroom floor" (rhymesayers)
dj Punk Roc feat. Onyx "roc-in-it" (white)
Jan Delay "ich mochte nicht, dass ihr meine lieder singt !" (buback)
dj Jazzy Jeff feat. J-Live "Charmed life" (bbe)
Terranova "sugarhill" (copasetik)
Blackalicious "alphabet aerobics" (quannum)
the High & Mighty "dirty decibels" (rawkus/eastern conference)
Mos Def, Q-Tip and Tash "bodyrock" (rawkus)
Slum Village "I don't know" (wordplay)
Quasimoto "come on feet" (stonesthrow)
dj Bronco feat. Money Bazz "ny, ny" (psycho v)
Dark Circle "paradoxes" (defcon)
dj Shadow "organ donour (extended overhaul)" (mo wax)
Latyrx "lady don't tek no" (solesides)
dj Cam "success (Attica Blues mix)" (inflammable)
Cappablack feat. Mandelbrot Set "opposition will bet crushed" (soupdisk)
dj Vadim feat. Motion Man "the terrorist" (ninja tune)
Skitz feat. PhiLife Cypher "cordless mics at 20 pages" (ronin)
Aspects "intrigue (dj Vadim mix)" (Hombre)
Champions of Nature "salsa smurf" (wordplay)
Awesome 2 feat. Jem "freestyle 2" (eye swing)
X Men "musica negra" (asphodel)
the A-Team "i love it when a plan comes together" (massmen)
Cannibal Ox "iron galaxy" (def jux)
Boom Bip & Slug "want" (mush)
Prefuse 73 "point to b" (warp)
Chris de Luca & Peabird feat. Beans "sooperglitcher" (k7!)
Prefuse 73 "when irony wears thin" (warp)
AntiPop Consortium "ghostlawns" (warp)
So Called Artists "sideshow" (mush)
GhostCauldron feat. Apani B Fly "whole world" (k7!)
Nobody feat. Acelayone "faces of the deep" (catskills)
AntiPop Consortium & Patrick Pulsinger "fear" (k7!)
Edan "you suck" (sun moon/landspeed)
Quasimoto "come on feet" (stonesthrow)
TTC "danser" (big dada)
Motorbass "flyin' fingers" (falk music)
Fingathing "parker plays pacaddict" (grand central)
Kela feat. Out Da Ville "accakela" (jazz fudge)
dj Vadim feat. Vakill "it's on" (ninja tune)
Seiji feat. Lyric L "loose lips" (bitasweet)

so it makes around 43 tracks, in around 2 hours, wich makes me quite proud, eh eh eh...
More seriously ? The bastard asking me french hip hop soup can fuck in hell, after all : i played a few french joints, he probably doesn't even know, as dj Bronco has NY guests, dj Cam does instrumental hip hop, one mc from Mandelbrot Set is a french guy but he rap in english nowadays, Motorbass are "just" producers... well, apart TTC, not a french word has been said in my set. I'm feeling guilty now...

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