17 octobre 2002


well, it's been a long time since i came here, but at least i got one solid excuse : my left foot is twice its usual size, it's purple and it hurts, cause i just tried a new skateboard trick in my stairs, without any skate, juts with my own body. :)
since last week i've got a twist (is it the correct word ?) with a few more complicated stuff that i'll not even try to translate. one of the more important things is that as i don't get my own net connexion, it's pretty hard for me to go to some public net access, so i'll wait a few days before coming make my business here.
it doesnt' stop me to make my stuff on my cpu but i cant' wait for putting it all here... i'm fed up with my... uh, how do you say ? "scrutches" or something ? this parallel metallic legs that helps you to move while in my case ? anyway.
soon : a picture of my foot. no, really, it worth it, you'll think it some kind of roten.com stuff or something, but really, it isn't ! now, ladies and gentlemen, please keep this place clean before leaving, and come back soon. spend some times on the mighty lith'underground, or somewhere else : go see this month movie ! and have a nice day.

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