5 novembre 2002

i just found some old shit in old zip disks...
back in feb, 2001.. stuff that i sent to some olds pals of mine. anyway.

uncle ju's stories - feb 2001, 14th.
well, it was something like 6:30pm, but i was so tired of my last nite that i leave my job sooner, only thinking about eating something, and grab some comics before jumping into my bathroom. anyway, there's something that i hate : it's the sound of music altered by the noise of the water filling this very bath, so i don't put any wax on the table while it's becoming wet and hot in the tub (no ayyyo here please).
so i turn on the tv, and, i guess it's kind of the same outhere in your cowboys country, there's really nothing to see at these hours, so i just stay tuned on "Futurama", this (Simpsons' creator) Matt Groening guy's new cartoon, and well, it was quite funny and all, but the fact is that right after it, there's this quite big (Rooophy can tell you about it) tv show called "Nulle Part Ailleurs", on Canal+, with loads of guests, loads of entertainment, including a live show from some musical artists ; well, the guy said there will be some rap stuff at the end of the show, so i didn't do anything but stay tuned, thinking about another brand new annoying french act, dreaming about Jurassic Five, which must be live in Paris on friday ; heck, why not?
well, "here's some old-school oriented new york hip hop act right now,..."
(thinking to myself : "well, old school can't be bad, uh...")
"...but take care of your childrens as they've got pretty particular reputation,..."
(still me : fuck, some gangsta shit again...)
"...like rappin' a lot about porno stuff, beside some other things..."
(me, always : WAIT A MINUT...)
"...we've got a band called SMUT PEDDLERS on stage, aka mr Eon, mighty Mi.."
"... a new track from their own compilation, it's called Porn Again and now you've got an idea about their lyrics. Let's chek 'em..."
Well, and our favorite Phila crew, even if i'm not sure if the third asshole was Cage cause his flow was, well, different from all the releases i've got, but yes indeed, Eric and Milo did their thing. i've go to say that Eon was huge in front of the camera, and that the Mighty Mi was looking as if he was afraid or something... funny! anyway, it kicked my ass for sure, and at the very end, i understood it was probably Cage himself cause the guy, something like 2 times the size of Eric, just grab one of the tables and launched it on the floor, rock'n'roll style, while, maybe Eric (tons of fog effects, holy shit) took the mic and broke it on the floor, too, with sounds larsens and all, as i said, rock'n'roll style. 2 turntables, mixer, microphones, all on the floor thanks to this Pensylvania disaster called Eastern Conference artists.
Well, it wasn't The Who, nor it was the 2 Live Crew back in '87, no, it was the Eastern Conference crew live and direct on french tv, with animators like "shit, what's happening here?!", and myself, exstatic in front of my little tv...
I'm just mad about one fact : if the guys are promoting the Porn Again compilation (i'm waiting for it through my local wax dealer, so i didn't recognize the track yet), so probably they'll do some dates in France, at last in Paris (they won't come just for a tv show, right? it's not the usual promo plan) ; and if so, why my favorite big beared phila guy didn't told me so? ARGH ! and now, i'm far from Paris where there's probably some huge hip hop show while i'm here typing these words with my typical (worldwide famous) grammar and vocabulary english, saying "ADAM, IF THESE FAT ASSES ARE YOUR FRIENDS, YOU PROBABLY KNEW THAT THEY WILL COME IN PARIS. AND YOU DIDN'T TOLD ME ABOUT IT?"
It's interesting to see how people change as soon as they got their shoes in some hype galleries...
;) peace y'all.
we'll speak soon, en français, ce sera mieux et plus comprehensible pour tout le monde !
a+. ju

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