18 décembre 2002


my mother and my lil sister came in my town today, and my mother had a gift for her little son (yes, it's me for you no-daily-readers-of-my-blog...) !
mmmh, at first i was like
"come on Mum, i'm 30 now, as you probably know it already, but...
- no no no no and NO, as far as i'll be alive i'll have some gifts for my childrens' birthdays, and it's nothing but normal and...
- yeaaah, right, but you know how i feel about all this business and...
- no no no no and NO, no "birthdays-and-christmas-season-means-nothing-but-capitalistic-babylone-at-its-best-and-bla-bla-bla", please, my son. and here's for you, finally... and please, PLEASE, take it home and just shut up. ooohhhh, my old son !"

i can't believe it. my mother offered me THIS :

yes, it's the last Michael Moore effort traduction, and yes, i was really glad about it !
usually i got some bad commercials comics, and i even remember that one year, my mother gave me a book by Bill Gates... "don't you work on some computers ?" she told me... :) anyway... i'm glad about her choice for this year ! thanks mum !

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