17 janvier 2003


and of course, only Warren Ellis could be the author of such a great scoop... once again, here's another post from Warren Ellis' "bad signal" mailing list (to subscribe, send a blank email to badsignal-subscribe@lists.flirble.org ). this guy is the only responsible for my best laughs for weeks, and i wanted to share... so here is a CC of the last "bad signal" :

"(This is the link which Fraction calls "Make With The Icky.")
I am Comics Pop Svengali. Grant Morrison and partner Kirstan in WACKYJAC underwear -- my acquaintance the writer M. Shakti does PR for them. She writes, on the Barbelith boards:
"No, Warren won't pose, though Grant said it's his turn now that he's dropped the "anti-establishment underwear" gauntlet."
To which I publicly say: bollocks, son. My conception of Power is a higher and finer thing than that. Though the sight of me in underwear would currently be a significantly grotesque thing, the truth is that I caused Morrison to appear in my friend's underpants in public. I have special powers. I win.
I could fancy being Comics Pop Svengali. Renting out Joe Casey to girls. Renting out Brian Wood to boys. Making them and then breaking them. All from the comfort of my armchair.
Any job that means I don't have to move much, you know. That's why I'm a writer. However. I am most disappointed. I send you out to freak out Bruce Sterling on his tour, and what happens? I find that he's sitting there dictating questions to be asked of me in interviews.
Which comics creator do you want to see in their underwear?
No. Don't answer that.
-- W

this guy is mad. at least he turned insane waaaayyyyyy back. is it too late for him ?
and while on the Ellis topic, here's an interview he just did with Stuart Young from the Alien Online website.

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