16 janvier 2003


this could have been some question on the cover of the special issue of France own' BEAUX ARTS MAGAZINE, an 100% elitist magazine about what's hot and hype in the global scene of visuals arts in France. and with a market which looks like HUGE and HUGE each and every month here, this opportunist magazine launched a few days ago a special with plenty of cool informations and interviews, great analysis and hot topics.

i got to say that i'm not so surpised of the choices of the authors they took inside this ish : Adrian Tomine, Chris Ware, Charles Burns, Seth, Julie Doucet, Joe Matt, Daniel Clowes, all the big players of the underground (but is it still really underground ?) of the US scene are featured, some cool japanese artists (manga por favor) like Otomo or Tanigushi, and of course the usual bunch of the "pushing-limits-forward" of who's cool in french comics, the like of Joan Sfar, Blutch, Lewis Trondheim, Winshluss, Pierre la Police, Rabate, M.A. Matthieu, Fabrice Neaud, Christophe Blain... of course, a few classics like Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb, Schuitten, Bilal (arghhhh...), Moebius (ahhhhh.....), Alan Moore (no, really ?) and some more are also part of the selection.
so i think i gotta be glad and excited about this spotlightning on some of my favorites artists. but i'm not.
Beaux Arts Magazine HAVE to spend some time, or/and use a few pages, for helping promoting the good stuff such authors (as the above mentionned) are doing in their work. and if for decades, comics here in France are viewed as nothing but a kid entertainment thing (maybe 10% of the stuff edited are "going somewhere else" oriented... gasp...), every year, it's the same old thing : not a word, not a critic, or a very, very little... but... but...
but it's the 30 anniversary of the Angouleme Festival, hotdammit ? did ya forget ? so here's their "usual contribution" to the event... suckers... they're lucky that tere some cool reviews or covering of what i like in this media today, in their special... argh... at least, i've stollen it. did they really think the shit worth the 7,50 euro cover price ?

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