6 janvier 2003


at last, all this headache time called "end of the year", complete with its xmas and new year day and all this crazy days, is over ; even if it's not really original, i truly hate these times, except maybe for the tons of snow falling around.... anyway. i don't even talk about the xtra prolific commercial side of christmas days, which is (more and more each year) a great example of how humanity can run amok for some so-called great ideas. spend your money, that's it. how big a cow should be ?
it was a terrific year, after all ! let's have some clones this year baby, and while we're on doing anything but shit, let's get more and more pollution in our not-dirty-enough oceans. oh, and don't forget korea and/or irak (you choose), of course, and how Bush is great. neat-o. do you sleep ? fuck.

this 2002/2003 was probably the worse year transition i've ever lived. i'm feeling bad and sad, which is probably only the result of my 30 years old check up (nothing really brilliant done in the 30 first years of my life, i have serious doubts the next 30 will be better) (but hell, as far as i'm concerned, i can only blame no one but myself, uh). add some nasty thoughts and acts from some of my best friends, my girlfriend, my bank (ahhhhhh.....), and even my cat, and you'll get the point. i know i'm not the only none to get some serious problems with winter time. maybe a trip in Cote d'Ivoire will help me to think about how glad of my life should i be...

Eriko, one of the trueliest guys around me, and a graphotizmer too, did a xmas cover for a magazine, and i decided (before asking him, of course) to put it there, as a proof of my optimism for 2003. and merry xmas bla bla bla to all of you ; after all, if you spend some times on my blog, you probably deserve some better shit than the above nasty thoughts... :)

here it is :

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