9 janvier 2003


i got this from Warren Ellis mailing list, "bad signal".
The Ellis guy did it again, with another new project called "Reload", available soon from DC Comics/Wildstorm.
here what the guy's got to say :
"The pencil art for the first six pages of RELOAD #1, plus the script for those pages, plus a DVD commentary track, are available for your viewing pleasure here. Retailers should feel free to pull all that stuff down and use it anyway they like in-store. The order code for RELOAD #'1 is JAN03 0274. It's solicited for ordering this month, so tell your local retailer you want it and give them the code if you can."

(Reload is a three-issue series from DC Wildstorm, written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Paul Gulacy and Jimmy Palmiotti -- solicited for ordering this month, released from March 2003.)

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