26 février 2003


Warren Ellis sent this a few weeks ago, but i forgot to put it online. Ed Brubaker is a briliant artist who worked on nice series for many publishers, including "Batman", "Catwoman", "the Sandman" or "Vertigo" specials, but also "A complete lowlife" among other stuff :

"Ed has a new series out from Wildstorm called "Sleeper".
This is the premise of Sleeper:
"You are an undercover agent. Your assignment is go deep undercover with an organization of pure evil.Imagine that your assignment is so deep cover that only one person in your organization knows about it.Now imagine that that person is suddenly put in a coma.You now have no way out.Even worse, you don't know if you want out."
Ed Brubaker wants you to try Sleeper. And this is the deal:
"I think when my publisher is willing to spin the wheel by trying something new by me, like Sleeper, then I should be willing to
put myself on the line with it, too. So, in the hopes that it will get readers and retailers to take a chance on it, and because I love this
book and have total faith in it, I'm going to offer a money back guarantee on Sleeper : If anyone buys Sleeper #1 and is unsatisfied, they can email me at: edbrubaker1@hotmail.com and I'll send them their 3 bucks back.
"If you like shows like The Sopranos, Alias, or The Shield, or comics like 100 Bullets or Alias (again), then give Sleeper a try, because it's right up that alley, I swear."
So take Ed up on it."
(Warren Ellis).

I really think that Ed Brubaker deserve respect and thanks for his personnal implication. i'm still waiting for Sleepers #1, and i hope i won't be disapointed, and even if so, i will never ask for these "money back guaranteed" stuff. and this probably some good advertising, too, to be so involved into his art, which is rare enough for nowadays top creator to be acclaimed.

here's a good interview of Ed Brubaker, by Indy magazine, and some reviews, too. another interview here (december 2001) at Comic Books Ressource. and the man's own page.

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