18 mars 2003


well, finally it's done. We just released the "new" (eh eh eh...) issue of Il Est Pas La Bruno ?, our little information sheet dedicated to the up and coming comics we love. IEPLB? is a full color, free 'zine, available at Thierry's bookshop, and we tried to did something cool and interesting to read, doing promotion of what we love to read, or what will be released that deserve to be checked.

Of course, we went through problems while print processus, and IEPLB? looks pretty bad, but heck, we'll try to keep a monthly schedule on it, so i suppose it's just a matter of time for IEPLB? to be more complete, more good looking, more... well, more "professionnal" ! and more professionnal will be the future look of the IEPLB? webpage, which is, at the moment, nothing but a kind of beta-informative-test-version... plenty of work on it, too, so maybe you can wait before to visit... :) oh yeah, the people under IEPLB? can be reached through ilestpaslabruno@fr.st

Right now, we got nothing but enthousiastic echoes about ish 14 (Le Combat Ordinaire by Manu Larcenet, Lupus by Frederik Peeters, but also Wolverine/Hulk, Ibicus, Gargouilles, Octave...), even if the high amount of informations in it make it hard to read... so it's cool, and it's filling us with motivation for the next issues.
issue 14 was released this last saturday, so i think that we can say that our monthly shit will be available around the 15 of each month ; next one will feature more infos, and for the number 16 of IEPLB? (due in may), we'll already do a double-sized issue. yeah, pretty into it, i know... ;)

oh yeah, did i say that it's in french ? :)

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