25 mars 2003

WHY I SUCK (part. 2148942).

as i got to quit my last flat a few weeks ago, my little sister told me that she was ok to take care of my stupid young cat, Mooch. i was so fucked up at the moment that i was glad of this, as my life of squatter right now isn't compatible with a cat's life, uh. she lived in a little town, pretty quiet and all, near from the hundreds cars that pass by the streets of Besancon. well.
and yesterday night, my lil' sis phoned me to tell me that after one month of watching birds and other cats from the window (my sis live at the first floor of a big house), Mooch leaved.
it reminds me far too much my last cat, Nestor, which i discovered by myself on the side of the road, nothing but hard, cold, and dead, a few years ago, when i was "between" 2 places and that my cat was at my parents place, in the same town as my sister.
so here i am.
i'm going to this very town right now, quite sure that my not-already-1-year-old cat is somewhere around...
.. and of course, i cannot stop thinking about if i spent my life doing the good choices at the good moment, i shouldn't be here, going from some friend's place to another, thinking about where the fuck my cat went. this cat is cool as fuck. really.
that's it.

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