24 avril 2003


my old pal Alcor still working on his +165465431 billions gallery, so i can only give away Yves' link (which is cool enough to be knowed if you want pics of greats skaters, and tons of various stuff, too, including some jackass doing advertising for Coke...), and a few comments...

so, the first ASD (collective of perverts freaks who loves skate, beer , rock'n'roll and sex, but who try also to promote the slide shit, the graffiti, and many other things) event of the year was in Dole, as usual, ad it was... coooool. not much people for this sunday afternoon, but it was great to have some rest after saturday nite rampaging night...

the Lakai pro french team was in the house : Anthony Sauze, Lucas Puig, Akim Cherif, David Rousseau, Matthieu Levaslot, along some other locals skaters, did the show with a full range of kickass tricks, all sunday long, and Bruno Rouland, old timer and creator of the Logo skateboard firm, and coordinator of the Lakai tour, is a simple guy with nothing but his passion for sk8 to communicate.

i think if i'm able to do some +20 cms ollies in the very few days (it's been weeks that i try to skate again and it's still hard to climb grinds...), Logo will be the brand i'll buy. at the very first, i was into Vision and Powell, but the last times i spent skating (well, trying to...) were on some old Birdhouse, Alien Workshop and the likes. I think that Bruno needs more money than Tony, so i know where Il'l out my money on. :)

Anyway, Matt Brousse did it again and the crazy midget won the contest ; Poulain, the second winner, is a kid from my native town, so i got to mention him. Tavaux reprazent ! arf.
here's some Matt pics (thanks to Yves, like all the sunday pics on this page) :

Under the sun and with some cool sounds, courtesy of this nice Dave, aka I-N-Fused, we spend the whole afternoon watching the nice tricks and everybody's broken faces... Dave is a nice humble guy and i was mad when i heared what played on the sk8 area : from Cymande to Co-Flow, from the whole StonesThrow funky 7" line up to the latest Manitoba, the guy surely got some taste. and i don't write this because i got nearly the same record selection in my dj bag... and i don't write this either cause he let me play a few stuff in the afternoon ! ;) ...he do some production too, and i highly recommand to try it. now.

Dave aka I-N-Fused with some local fucker. 8) (sunday afternoon)

yes !
all the bunch was at the party on saturday nite, and if you feel my pretty clothes (see the big black cat on the post below...) looks pretty stupid, check this :

yeah, teenages sucks. here is Sergio, local hero and co-boss of the ASD.
here, Sergio shows some nice underwear that, of course, will be dropped to everybody while the saturday night mess. (saturday nite)

i'm sure they all do drugs and the like... (saturday nite)

from the MardiGras abstractelectronicacollective comes mr A., who would like to get a bigger dick. no lies.if you want zooooms and fine resolution, ask Alcor... ;) (saturday nite)

pffff... degenerated youngsters.

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