23 avril 2003


... is a french comic anthology of nice upcoming artists, based on a something-like 2 ish-per-year schedule and after its third issue (in any good bookshops now, for something like 12 or 13 euro), it looks like Patate Douce is here to stay : Bluch and Diego Aranega are some of the artists on the train, but there's also wagons full of Big Ben, Charles Dutertre, Eco, Richard Guilbert, Marc Lizano, Nancy Pena, Vincent Rioult, Michel Yves Schmitt...
the man under this huge project, Stephane, is a real nice guy, and he's probably got 2 hundred people's motivation ; he take care of all this mess, plus he does thousands of kilometers for giving away some Patates as far as retailers need some... talk about passion ?
BDNews, one of the best comics-related-french websites, talks about it and also got an interview with the man, right here.
and you can visit the official Patate Douce website, too, even if it's far away from the nice graphics of the real one...
(please note that all the above links are in french, sorry guys...).

while on the subject of potatoe, don't forget the original "creator" of the Patate Douce trademark. :)
his name is Everland and he also got some strong interest about potatoes ; in fact, yesterday, in Besancon, i had the chance to see one of the current and latest story the man did (ooouhhh i got some Everland's original art in my hands, do you realise ? IN MY HANDS !!! ;) ), and i got nothing to say that it's an artist to watch for, definitely, as far as he will achieve one of the 3546431 ideas and/or work in progress he got.

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