14 avril 2003


Skalpel are some new NinjaTune signing, from Poland, and they do some strange jazzilistic downtempoesque breaks, including mellow ambiance and resulting as different smooth beats. I really like their brand new 12" on Ninja, and i really hope to hear some more.
Igor and Marcin, the duo under Skalpel, hanged around with the hairy russian fatbreakcreator and it ain't no surprise : their sounds looks relativity from the same state of mind : twisted and warm stuff, loads of 60's jazz flavours... well, cant' wait for hearing more of them.
after doing a few shows for Ninja's Solid Steel radio show, and a brilliant demo ("Polish Jazz"), you can either buy the 12", either listen to their excellent radioshow... or doing both of it.

a few reactions and feedbacks about the 12" :

"Four strong tracks ­ very dreamy and spacious ­ I¹ve been playing Skalpel out and about"
(Hint ­ Hombre/Ninja/Seen/Various ­ UK)

"Delightful! Spark-up and slip off into your own jazz infused world."
(Will Saul ­ Fabric/Hum/Simple Sounds/Breaks FM/Various ­ London/Europe)

"I totally love the Skalpel 12" - stunning. Truly original - I love Yarah's vocal track. Will play again on the show."
(Nick Luscombe ŒFlo Motion¹) RADIO XFM

"A really beautiful record, gets very good audience reactions."
Groove Armada – Lovebox/Fabric/Various – Worldwide

Rosie Kendrick new presenter for ŒThe Late Lounge¹ phoned up just to say what a great twelve it was, loved Yarah¹s voice ­would definitely be supporting on the show.
Jazz FM

"Out there biznizz tho getting into "Voice of Reason" ­ quality nonetheless"
(Huw Morgan ­ Harter St/Electriks/Various ­ Manchester)

"Beautiful off kilter jazz beats ­ Yarah Bravo¹s spoken word vocals add so much and take it to the next level"
(Craig Reece ­ Streetlife/Sidewinder/Loose Joints/Various ­ Glasgow)

"I like this one and look forward to playing it outŠ only just heard it once."
(Mixmaster Morris ­ Various ­ Worldwide)

"All I can say about the Skalpel 12" is sickŠ the Ninjazz track is so awesome and my favorite on the record, so bad!"
(LTJ Bukem ­ Cookin¹ @ The End/Good Lookin¹ Rec¹s/Various ­ Worldwide)

...and while on the feedbacks topic, here some things that people says about dj Vadim last 12", featuring Slug and Yarah Bravo :

Strong vocals from Slug & Yarah Bravo. Two very different themed tracks the jazzy guitar compliments Slug's more aggressive delivery whilst the sleazy Rhodes suits Yarah's velvety voice to a tee good stuff from Vadim.
(Jason Holmes – Fat City/Various – Manchester)

Blimey, a Vadim tune you can hum (2 in fact, i'm loving both sides) this is a damn fine release.
(Only Child & Una Bombers – Electric Chair/Grand Central Rec’s/Friends & Famaily/fat City/Solid Steel/Kiss/London Xpress/Various – Worlwide)

Deep brother: Yarah got soul, lyrics tighter than ever.
(Will Stone – Philosophie/Various – North West)

Like it, like both the vocals
(Brad The Nextmen’ – Friends & family/Various – Worldwide)

Another Vadim sureshot! Brilliant!
(Maniphest – Various/Mo Wax – UK)

Nice trax, atmosphere's always good, well made twelve, both sides are excellent.
(Eddie Skratch – Camel/Various – UK)

Wow a nice pairing of Vadim and Slug works well, give or take the hook. The sixtoo remix did nothing for me. Yarah's track is real nice and smooth, a winner!
(563 – Various/Run the Line on Itch FM – UK)

Cum Shots is the one! Very good - peace!
(Richard Dorfmeister – G-Stone/Various – Worldwide)

Cum Shots works nicely, Yarah's voice is captivating, the Rhodes is lush .. Sweet. Works well in a warm up or end of set placing. Edie Brikell was always one of my favourite tracks off the LP and I knew it just had to be a single.
(Rob Mac Speeka’ Scratch/Various Worldwide)

A1 (Edie Brikell) lovely mellow, melodic, backing good stuff by Slug. B1 (Cum shots) the favorite, excellent vocal.
(Bushy Grass Roots/Stop the Cab/Various Brighton/London)

Another fine release from Mr Vadim possibly the most thoughtful producer on the scene today. Will drop both sides at the more leftfield’ guestspots we get asked to do
(Skeg Breakin’ Bread/Itch/Various – Europe)

Another slab of technically gifted hip-hop from Vadim brilliant.
(DJ Dema – Freak Moves/Radio Magnetic/Various – Glasgow)

Best tune on the LP amazing’ loving it the most!! B1 (cumshots) rocks!!
(James Hamlin J2 – Off the Hook/Various – UK)

Always feeling the Vadim
(LTJ Bukem – Cookin’ @ The End/Good Lookin’ Rec’s/Various – Worldwide)

A2 (edie brikell sixtoo remix) and B1 (cum shots) - straight on the playlist on the radio.
(Laurent Garnier – FCOMM/Radio Nova/Various – Worldwide)

Slo-mo goodness. works well on radio and in warm-up.
(Mr Scruff – Keep It Unreal/Key 103/Various – Worldwide)

A1 (edie brikell) great end of night tune. B1 (Cum Shots) stunning, great ruff ass beat and top vocal nice!
(Aim – Friends & Family/Fabric/Various – Worldwide)

I love it, very funky. Charting at 12.
(DJ Yoda – Spread Love/iDJ/Various – UK)

Always rated Vadim's beats and his impeccable taste in guest vocalists and no exception here. Already familiar with top Edie and still prefer the LP mix, while Yarah's Cumshots is good for so many things, warm ups, late nights, top lyrical content on both sides here. keep em comin, Ninja.
(Mex Black Grass – Grass Roots/Catskills/Various – Brighton/UK)

A1 (edie brikell)- Quite mellow for Vadim, in regards to the beat... its more of a contemplative album track than the sort of thing I would play in the middle of my set however: A2 the Sixtoo remix—this is great!... B-side - Cum Shots This is a nice mellow tune for the summer! nice jazz vibes, and we luuuuuve Yarah's lyrics! Nice one!
(Jake , Herbaliser’ – Various – Worldwide)

Not too stuck on the A side, but Cum Shot is a solid rocker.
(Pork – Lamp/Welly/Vibe/Meglamedia FM/Various – Hull/UK)

Nice to hear Vadim do something a little more uptempo. Great, love it to bits
(Ben Morris – Urbanism/Light/Fez/Sub Beats/Various – UK)

I've hammered Cum Shots out night after night like a randy teenager. It's one of the best Vadim tracks I've heard thus far. I think B1 (Cum shots) is the standout from this recent batch of work and as the standard attests this is a very, very good track.
(Disastronaut – Sonic Mook/Slack Sabbath/Various – UK)

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