3 juin 2003


(note : i'm using some baaaad public cpu at the moment, and it will take me hours for uploading html tags for giving this words a nice look - come back tomorrow if it feels boring for you... see sidebar for links...)
no, still no porn pics here, sorry.
it's just too damn hard to move my hand on this computer' mouse : the weather here is incredibly HOT, and i mean, moist, hot, moist, moist, hot and moist. and hot. and moist. and hot.
it's the perfect time for having some drink out there, in the shade of Besancon's trees, and this is exactly what i'll do later in the day, a nice mission to complete with some new comics and my brunette. sounds great.
right now, i'm hanging around on what's-www-must-be-more-often, the mighty barbelith, and i'm also finishing writing construction/lay-out for the next installment of a story i wanna draw before the end of the month, a little 8 pages or sumthin. i decided to impose myself some deadlines, as i cannot do anything without a little pressure. tooooo lazzzzzy 70's child, i know. guy of the 21st century, who haven't got the idea of what's life... "gettajob !" ??? come on... anyway, fuck you. 8)

this means also that it will not help the good following of the 1568421 projects i currently work on...

- first off all, there this project of comic/illustration workshop we thought of with friends who are comin to (or near) Besancon in september/october. we'll start some kind of collective association, and hope some cool moves from our looooved town for helping us on the place topic, which is something that'll not be easy, from the financial point of view. we'll see.
alongside this project, there's already ideas/dreams/strong desires of printing something, probably on the ashes from this ooooold fanzine who's pretty...uh, dead, since 1994. some friends are already enthousiastic about the idea, and we got some interesting connections about working on a comic festival, more on a alternative way. more about it soon (i hope so).

- the label. uh ? which label ? oh yeah ! so i'm still waiting for answers from the place where we'll probably do the mastering of the 12". i gotta admit that if i'm still real enthousiastic about the original tune that Zo did, i wonder how i went into this story in so bad timing. our last ministry for the culture came into the game at the exact time i decided to work on it, and everybody must know that France goes through bad, bad times with its new government. not the ultimate place to ask for help when it's about help from "powers" that be...
the best solution is probably to don't give a fuck and let's spend thousand euros in something that will be strictly ours, but either me or the people involved in this story can help, of course.
(note to myself : this reminds me that i gotta take lessons with the crew of Lykill Records ; not only these guys are delivering stuff -good, good vinyl...- on a extra quality standard, on a regular huge artists schedule, but they also nice to hang around. ok, they got some big belly, due to loads of cheap beer, but it's ok...)
anyway. we'll see. more news soon, too.

- fuck i'm sagitarius : www.theonion.com/onion3920/horoscopes_3920.html

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