15 juin 2003


- Chris Bachalo, one of my favorites "mainstream" (?) comic book artist, is featured on a very tiny interview thanks to Comicon. he speaks about this upcoming New Xmen story written by the still infamous Grant Morrison, and it seems pretty cool to see both of them working together again...
Comicon also features words on the next SPX anthology, as Jennifer M. Contino wrote :
"The line up for the SPX Anthology was recently announced and THE PULSE thought now was the perfect time to introduce some of the creators involved in the anthology to the rest of the comics universe.
Although many of the names involved are comics household ones ... yet, there's no reason each couldn't be. So sit back, relax, and get to know some of comics current and future stars."

- it's future hip hop we talk about ! as Teki Latex (from TTC), James Delleck (from La Caution), Fuzati (from Le Klub Des Loosers), Cyanure, Para One and Tacteel, join forces for bringing us some of tomorrow 's music must look like...
L'Atelier is the first release on new progressive-beefsteack-electro-hip-hop-banana label Institubes, and the EP is already available through Pias. it's pure weapons of mass construction that we got here. so check it out.
oh, and the pencillistik blingbling monkey, Akroe, himself did the art for both logo and sleeve. buy it now.

- nice words, nice sentences, interesting ideas with this conversation betweenAlan Wall and Michael Moorcock, thanks to Fantasticmetropolis.

- an interesting post on Blogcritics, about, uh, comics... writer Sean T. Collins says :
"Since comics is something only a few people care about, I sorta feel like I should warn people when I'm going to start talking about it. So face front, true believers--it's time to talk about comics again. (The rest of you philistines can go watch CSI or something.)"

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