17 octobre 2003


1 : number of record that cannot leave the turntable these last days (some old Ray Bryant shit, cool as fuck).
2 : number of good friends who probably doesn't know each other, but who lives in the same street, near the Rex Club in Paris.
2 : number of bottles of one liter and a half that i drink on a daily basis by now.
5 : number of new babies around in less than a year.
6 : amount, in euros, that my cat Mooch coast me in his pet house, waiting for me to got my next apartment keys...
8 : number of records of cd's from The Agriculture that i dig these last weeks.
10 : number of days without seing Drine who's probably swimming in the Mediteranean sea while your'e reading this (variations of weather not included). lucky her, uh. 8)
12 : numbers of positives feedbacks and/or questions about either Drine's artwork and/or the comics workshop we work on since last week's ceremony of prize for some comics contest in our town.
41 : numbers of people who got some invitation for Matthieu-and-I birthday party, @ Everland's place, in december.
434 : number of Casterman books i ordered for the opening of the bookshop where i'll work in around 1 month.
448 : number of Fremok, L'Association, Cornelius, Ego-Comme-X, Atrabile and other various little indy publishers books i ordered. 8)
652 : the amount, in euros, of doing some reservation for my next apartment.
690 : the amount, in euros, that somebody stole me while burglarizing my new company's restroom as a special "welcome" message for my very first day.
691 : minimal number of times i told to myself how such an asshole i am to be so entrusting with the security of this company, minimal number of times i told me "fuck me fuck me fuck me", minimal number of times i promised to myself to never got this money with me, and not on a check, for example.
7844 : total number of comics that i ordered for the opening of the bookshop where i'll work in around 1 month.

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