5 février 2004

BOURG LES VALENCE 2004... ah ah ah, excuse me. it's just the name who makes me nervous... well. nevermind. 8)

Next rendez-vous for you sweet comics headz...
another edition of THE rendez vous of what the comics french scene's got to offer nowadays : all this so-called "new scene", which means in fact real authors which real art to give away.

the greatest among the greatests, Edmond Baudoin, Jean-Christophe Menu, Lewis Trondheim, with loads of unmissable artists : François Ayroles, Pierre Wazem, Pakito Bolino and the Dernier Cri crew, Nicolas de Crecy, Simon Hureau, Yann Degruel, Ricard & Gaultier, the Jouvray bros, Marc Pichelin...
I'll personnaly try to not piss on myself while trying to catch some of my favorite artists such as Craig Thompson, Frederik Peeters, Noyau or Anna Sommer, or to tell how i love the art of people of Andreas Kundig, Jonathan Larabie, Alex Baladi, Lucas Methe (thanks again fred...).

where ? uh... hum... Bourg les valence BWWAAAHAHAHA, France.
when ? March 2004, the 12 to 14.
who ? all the artists listed above, and the bunch of passionate friends who'll go there too. which means probably loads of trouble... 8)

and while we talk about pictures, here some moving versions of geeennniiiiusssss Kim Deitch's work.
The brilliant author recently had a french version of his work under the title "une tragedie americaine", thanks to Denoel editor... 8)

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