2 février 2004


once again my ol'pal Alcor let me play some shit in his weekly Hiphouse radioshow, and it can be of some interest for you only if you live near Dijon, eastern France... Well, wait ! somebody told me that this very radio station is also available on the web !? cool beans.
anyway, here's the tracklisting of my miniset, between 2 drum'n'bass sessions courtesy of Alcor :

- l'atelier "bean dogs" (institubes)
- tes "new new york (5" version)" (lex)
- viktor vaughn "change the beat" (sound ink)
- jeru the damaja "war" (ashenafi)
- kid 606 "da bird" (meow 59)
- vast aire "why'sdaskyblue ?" (chocolate ind)
- aesop rock & mr lif "11:35" (def jux)
- the 45 king "the 900 number" (tuff city)
- madlib feat. medaphoar & ahmad miller "please set me at ease (hip hop mix)" (blue note)

oh yes, there's not only abstract and blunted hip hop or instru freakquencies shit in your life, lucky people.
Nice guys from the Lykill record label just released two 5 inches, one of some of Piano Magic guy under the nick Textile Ranch, and another one from disturbed freaks Velma.
guess what ? after only a few days, the first one is already on heavy rotation on french radio campus, thanks to Iastar, and is in the ten first places of the weekly chart. talk about hype. all this from guys who read the same bullshit as me in this damn morning train, shit... 8)

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