22 juillet 2004


back in 2002, those guys at Offbeats made a nice 21st century hip hop compilation featuring tracks from dichotomy, anonymous inc, mnemotrauma, buck 65, offbeat turntable mechanics, kunga219 & dj moves, white collar criminals, scheiterhaufen, sixtoo and stacs of stamina.

in a similar approach, in 2003, Plague Language "farewell archetypes EP" is another kind of compilation featuring the Plague Language crew and friends (check also Offbeaters), featuring Noah23, K-the-?, Stapplemouth, Orphan and many others) on Subversive records.

oh yeah, still in an afrocentric mood, stttiiiillll... i'm keeping on those New York gang called Antibalas, but also on the magnificent Daktaries shit (check "super afro beat", the third LP released by Desco records around 1999).
i'm also keeping on my original afrobeat journey through the Kalakuta Republica high lord, Fela Anikulapo Kuti ; even if i'm still discovering mad shit from the guy and his all stars crew, i gotta say that "water get no enemies", a track that i discovered around 10 years ago (thanks to Gilles Peterson Worlwide radioshow, once again...), is still my all times favorite track from the man and his peeps.

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