19 novembre 2004


Ladies and gentlemen, here is some stuff for your ears :

- Still the dopest shit around when it comes to the better side of the dancefloor, West London huge crew Bugz in the Attic got a special on Gilles Peterson Worlwide radioshow.

- While on the BBC website, Amon Tobin speaks out here.

- While in Melbourne/Australia, Amon Tobin decided to FinalScratchize a new Solid Steel compilation/mix, the fourth one, released a few months ago through Ninja Tune of course, and it's Tobin as usual : tweaked atmosphere and solid tracks, something to hear.

- And while on the Ninja topic, i totally forgot to talk about Manchester' best band of the last 150 years, who released "Guru Man Hubcap Lady" a few weeks ago... Homelife do the best unconventionnal melting recipe around, and it's a real good slice of downtempo/folk/latino/pop as they know how to do. Nice shit indeed. Still on the Ninja side, a few artists that you don't wanna miss : Ammon Contact, who do some kind of dooowntempo to the bone switched on some post post abstrakt shit, really sweet, and i can't wait for the next Daedelus, "Exquisite corpse", and for "One self children of possibilities", the next dj Vadim effort, sheduled to 2005, and which looks pretty exciting : a double LP, with one vocal (Yarah Bravo, BluRum 13 and dj Woody are part of the fun) and another, instrumental, self-contening one ; the second one will not be a simple instrumental one, but a real piece of instrumental and vadimesque production, kind of full lenght proper track, like in his first lp. There will be some remixes of course, MPC US' cousin Jay Dee will show up, and phhhoonnnnnky Amp Fiddler will do its version too ; except some drum'n'bass revamps too, as Vadim is exploring the full breakbeat spectrum in his djing for years.
"...first single drops in february and then lp follows in may..." says the hairy mpc maestro. Yee-pee.

- Paaaaariiiissss ! are you there ???

> november 19 : Solid Steel night, with Bonobo and Cinematic Orchestra (dj set/saxo) ; Triptyque, 142 rue de Montmartre, metro Bourse, 9pm, 10/12 euros.
> november 24 : Mike Ladd, Busdriver, Beans and Rob Sonic (wwwhoouuuusssshhhh !!!) aka The Treacherous Four, Point Ephemere, 190, Quai de Valmy, metro Jaures, 8.30pm, 14 euros.
> november 26 : Wibutee (from the Jazzland hall of fame), Nouveau Casino, 7.30pm, 15 euros.
> november 30 : Bugge Wesseltoft (did i talk about Jazzland before ? sounds deja vu...) with John Scofield, Cite de la Musique, Parc de la Villette, metro Porte de la Villette, 8pm, 22 euros.

And now it's time for your weekly Bu(ll)sh(it) links :

- they look pretty sad and shameful, but people, we know you're not to blame, no worry.

- even this doesn't look this funny, after all.

- "In what can only be attributed to a vast Republican conspiracy, we inexplicably overlooked one of our most exciting and timely new titles of the year in our previous newsletter: The Bush Junta. A must-read for anyone who even for a fleeting moment considered George Bush worthy of re-election, this well-researched and impassioned collection by 25 international cartoonists lays bare the truth about various aspects of the Bush administration. With any luck, Bush will already have his walking papers by the time you read this, but either way, this book is an illuminating read for anyone with an interest in global politics. Ted Rall, Steve Brodner, Seth Tobocman, Lloyd Dangle, Peter Kuper, Carol Swain, Spain Rodriguez, Ted Jouflas, Ethan Persoff, Hack Smith and others have created a primer on corruption, with chapters on the Gulf Wars I and II, the 2000 Presidential coup, 9/11, the Guantanamo camp and more, plus profiles of such sinister figures as Donald Rumsfeld, Condeleezza Rice and John Ashcroft".
another look ? "An international assemblage of world-class cartoonists take on the Bush administration in this historical account of high crimes and misdemeanors. This fact-based, impeccably researched work of comics journalism chronicles the Bush administration in the context of the Bush family dynasty that spawned it. Contributors to this historic comics documentary include: Carol Swain's look at Election 2000; Mack White's documentation of the events of September 11, 2001; Marcel Ruyters on the Bush-Nazi Connection; Carol Lay explores Karl Rove's role; Mark Landman looks at Dick Cheney; Ethan Persoff reads PATRIOT Acts I and II; and unveiling numerous other truths about the leader of the free world are a host of other cartoonists including: Kim Deitch, Jeremy Eaton, Hack Smith, Bill Griffith, Aleksandar Zograf, Larry Rodman, Spain Rodriguez and others. Introduction by documentary filmmaker and nat ional radio broadcaster Alex Jones. Cover by acclaimed political cartoonist Steve Brodner"... Fantagraphics published some reeeaaaal cccooooolllll shhhhiiiit, thanks to Gary Groth & Mac White : it's called "The BUSH JUNTA", and it's a 200 pages b&w book you should buy now.

that's all for today.
have a nice sleep.

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