8 janvier 2005

or so-so.

First, thanks to the tons of emails that visitors of this blog sent me for the New Year.
Of course, i wish you nothing but the best for the months to come -including the next 12- but also the rest, my friends...
Thanks also to the people who mailed me with nice Wishes drawings, it's pretty cool from all of you ; after collecting insane comics, vynils records, or anti-commercial shirts, i'm starting a new collection of "best wishes e-cards" from people i hardly know... Sounds great ! 8)

Now that X-mas and shit is finally over (which means less work at the bookshop), i'm trying to re-gain the time i'd lost these last weeks. Plenty of shit to do, to end : 3 comics projects to finish, including one who must be done by december... Uh-uh... Anyway.
I'm also planning this 2005 Angouleme International Comics Festival (end of January), where i'll try to keep close to the usual gang while running from the Dave Cooper expo to Mix-et-Remix one, from speeches from Art Spiegelman, Craig Thompson, Jason, Don Rosa, David Lloyd, Yoshihiro Tatsumi or Eddie Campbell... Tons of great moments to come ; more soon, but it looks like i'll spend the week and leave on saturday, as saturday is the very day where the armies of sheeps are unpatiently waiting for some sign in their 464132152nd edition of "Lanfeust" or some other shit... Well, loads of good stuff in Angouleme, but tons of fuckers, too. Hopefully "my comics crew" will be around... 8)

More personnal shit soon ; right now, a few infolinks :

- Great, great, great news for the Neil Gaiman lovers worldwide : while Neil is finishing writing his next novel, something called "Anansi Boys" (this follow-up to "American Gods" -Neil's best book ?- is sheduled for september 2005, thanks to William Morrow), it looks like things begin to move for his 2005 big project...
"Mirrormask" is Gaiman last monster baby, some movie with Dave McKean as a director, and the terrific Jim Henson also involved ? Holy shit. Can't wait for it !

"Mirrormask" will be premiering at the Sundance Festival, which will be held soon, on January 20-30. Once again, William Morrow will publish the complete script book, it will be released in May, and will feature many shit, including emails exchange with McKean during the creative process, between other many things (Official press release right here) ; in June (uh, no, not me), a novella with art (and new art) from the hairy McKean and written by our favorite sunglasses lad will ship especially for the young readers.

And while we're on the Gaiman topic, i recently ordered "A Short Film About John Bolton" dvd, Neil Gaiman hilarious short movie (that we already saw in january 2003 for the Angouleme Comics Festival, probably for its first projection, if i'm right) about John Bolton, longtime friend of Gaiman and of course one of the best painter around.
And as usual, Neil still got some time for his blog, and as usual, it's just great.
And for those who still want some more Gaiman news, do not miss the newsletter offered through HarperCollins's AuthorTracker News.

- Ninjas invades the Tate Gallery !
"The Sounds of Christmas is an annual project by Christian Marclay, pioneer of the experimental turntable movement and leading artist operating at the intersections of art and music. Reinventing this work-in-progress for London, the artist will present his collection of over 1,200 Christmas records as a publicly accessible archive. During the two-week installation Strictly Kev will be joining in to create live remixes of his own selection from Marclay's Christmas records. Not to be missed.
Tate Modern, Saturday 11 December, 20.00-22.00."

- Some of Capucine Latrasse' last artwork is available in the Gallery part of her website ; she recently moved to Poland to work on animation movie in some studio, and some of her shit is pretty cool.

- Uptempo dancefloor freaks and lovers of our west London champs, listen to the Bugz last anthem, Booty La la, right here.

- Jaime Hernandez talks about "Hopey", and about many others things, on this cool interview courtesy of Mark Frauenfelder (from the Boingboing hall of fame).

- Ammoncontact are 2 guys who do some heavy shit... but i already said how great their music was, uh ? well, i'm not alone.

my poooooor nose...

- need some new glasses ? here it is :

my poooooor nose...

- Big up to my man Oslo from Lyon, another books and comics freaks (even if when it comes to books, we're miles away behind Oslo...) who recently stopped his first blog (one of my favorite rendez-vous when it cames to unmissable books ro read), to focus on a devoted writing daily basis, showing each days his writing skills on his new one, right here ((in french).

This is it. Have a nice day, take care, and see ya soon.
ps : don't miss best french hip hop act, these TTC bastards, as they tour everywhere or so these next weeks ; and i'm not blogging this because i'm doing the warm-up of 2 dates with them... 8)

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