20 août 2002


Okay so here comes the real beginning of this blog.
It will sometimes be just some cool links i've got to share with people, or maybe just shit i wanna share too.

- Manu Larcenet, one of the most talented new generation of french comics artists, got his own website. those who already know the man's work know that he got real progression in his work, moving from comic stuff more europeanclassic to some real own style. we'll speak about him more, as the man is really extraprolific, and that he got plenty of shit soon in the newstand and library... look how cutie the tiny boy is...

- the real interesting news this side of the universe doesn't come from your usual tv network. instead, try disinfo. these people are quite sick, but it's ok.

I'M FED UP WITH THIS FUCKIN WEATHER. we got the worse july for years, and the few sunny days of august seems already old memories. don't you know some cool flats for cheap, complete with 365 days/year of sun ?

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