21 août 2002


So, i gotta admit that blogs looks better when theres some "Majuscules". well, i'm not sure what is the correct word in english, but anyway, we'll see that later.
But no, i don't wanna write "I" (for me, myself) (and I) the correct way. It took me too much time to correct all my old texts i wanna put online here, so we'll give up the idea. But holy shit, can "i" means something else than "I" ? i don't think so. Let's go.

I was thinking that maybe putting some ol'good' links back from the good'ol' website skull should be a good idea.


- So let's say that life without Neil Gaiman is like august without sun ; uh... well, you got me. Neil is one of the greatest authors of these last 20 years, enough said. His work is acclaimed wordwide but what really makes me inside his shit is his run into comics land : the guy put a new sense in the comics writing.
I think i will translate my essay and analysys on Neil creation for DC Comics "Sandman" as soon as possible. AND I GOTTA WORK MY ENGLISH, HOLY Fµ#§ !

- While on great writers's block, let's remember that nothing is really the same when you tried Grant Morrison twisted mind. This sick guy is somebody who deserve either the final punition, either to be proclamed king of his own realm. I don't have to tell that the best web community i ever met is coming from a bunch of GM (let's call Grant "GM", it will save me hours of writing at the end of the year, as years of reading for you !) followers, and hanging around the barbelith will probably pave your way of Grant Morrison quotes, ideas, lines and fucked up thoughts. It's definitely one of my favorite humans this side of earth.


- Brand new ! this is all for you ! brand new ! this is all for you ! here's a few additions that have nothing to do with the old stuff below, but which can be of interest :
only from the brilliant but wasting-time-always-wasting-time from the 'lith, here's the full line-up of the barbelithers who got their own agenda/lifejournal/blog online. and guess what ? we're fucking more than i thought !
And cause nobody had asked for it, here's Neil Gaiman's one, i gotta tell that i haven't spent much time at the moment. It makes me think that i gotta check if Neil's last effort is available in french... let's see... ummh... No ?... No. Shit. It seems that Coraline is not translated at the moment.

While on the new shit, there's the last interview of Grant Morrison that everybody talks about, and it deserve to be checked, for sure.

Well, but i got a sudden idea : GO BUY AND READ "THE INVISIBLES" from DC Comics/Vertigo ; it's GM best piece, and back in these times where the scottish writer took the fantasy/comic population by surprise, it was magic and brilliant. And it still is. And for those who don't know who's this guy is but who know a little about comics, the guy is now in one of the best chair in this business : he's the writer of the legendary "X-Men" see here, here, here, and here for details), and please believe me when i tell you that there's really not much to see with super heroes flying from a rooftop to another... it's nothing but huge ! (well, if you love comics, sure...)


On a more personnal plan, i'm overexcited about my last project, soon to go from wish to true world.
My pal FeetWan, a huge drum'n'bass dj and lover of nice breaks (like me), and co-creator of the oddibadidub artistic family, and i finally do our next step into the musical business together : after years of dreaming about it, we felt like it's time for us to create our own little independant record label. We are music lovers for many, many years, and we both know how works this business, at last enough for not dreaming of beautiful things... we just want to try it, and put our piece in this big indie scene we support for years ; we've talked a lot about it, and finally we'll try our stuff on another friend shit, some french quality hip hop ; Feet will even put his mark on it with a drum'n'bass remix of the original hip hop track, between other ideas we got and work on. I'll try, for my part, to find the visual identity of the label, as the production of the sleeve and graphic communication for this. Plus, i'll try to work out something of all the connexions we made these last years by working for others labels or promotion structures... it'll be definitely something interesting, even if he and i knows that we won't make money of this story.
Right now, our best and first wish is to be proud to put something out of our usual lazy state of mind... And even if dj'ing and producing tracks for ourselves is cool, we agree that we got to go further now.
more news about it soon...

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