21 août 2002


We continue on the "remember these old links we've talked about before" topic.
So here's a few links to high quality graphotism companies, who did amazing shit, available through their websites.
- The guys from Kaliber (no, not the excellent publisher, some others) are here and got plenty of great links on their site
- After this, Joshua @ Kinetic does some brilliant stuff too with his Praystation shit.
- Now, come visit this nice shit from Surface.
- The guys from swiss does it too ! check out the classic plonkreplonk crew.
- BANG ! the incredible flash site from Fakepilot still worth it, definitely...
- Other screwed up people here at a sci-fi related site.
- Some funny bonus stuff at Frak...

- And for a best end as it can, the non-stop-screwing-up-world-wide-web-crew-well-knowed as Hi-Res, the guys under many, many incredible sites.
they did, among others, the sites of :
- Massive Attack,
- my favorite hip hop producer, the russian but so british dj Vadim,

- Trevor Jackson's last musical project's Playgroup,
- Nowmusic own site,
- last year surprising excellent movie Donnie Darko,
- and of course, the official site of one of the best movies of these last years, Darren Oronovsky's "requiem for a dream".
Amazing stuff.

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