22 août 2002


It's quite funny cause after a long day of checking out creators, artists, labels, miscellanous links, my blog is longer on the links side than on the current blog side... i wonder if i've got to take something of this fact... anyway. Maybe you can tell me that i fucked up some better link for X artist. Hell, my friend, you're welcome !

- I re-found this poor link that used to make me laugh a while ago. it's an A-I-bot called "A.L.I.C.E", and try her. Ehhhr, try it. Damn, well, you got the point...
Others from the 'lith had put the conversation they got with many so-called ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots, and sometimes, it makes you wonder if there isn't somebody on the other side laughing at you stupid nerd. Well, in a few moments, it could be of interest.

- Still on the "i-re-found-this-shit-while-searching-some-stuff" topic, here's a curious site where after a few answers to give (it's pretty simple and it's just a "choose-from-this" type of answers), results will tell you what is the religion that you're in. Well, they don't guess, as you suppose. They just do some propositions, and well, it will definitely keep you out of official & recognized faith-and-other-shit.

and while this times, Donald Rumsfeld (pentagon big head, hu, way of talkin...) is simply insulting intelligent voices around the world telling that "history often showed that majority is sometimes wrong", related to the fact that many people worlwide are feeling quite upset that Bush and his bad ass crew just want to drop a few bombs more on Irak ("let me finish dad's job, guys !"). We'll see what'll happen. Too sad that 9-11 tragic events doesn't seems to give to this man a few reflexion about his country position on the world map. I complain for my pals outhere...

And oh yeah, it's still rainy here. But it's just rain, not the mess as in eastern europe. Germany lost many shit while last week big rain. i gotta call my friend Falk, holy shit. and send him his Terranova LP i owe him for months !

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