28 août 2002

YEAH IT'S BEEN A WHILE... well, 3 days, uh...

While i'm still waiting for this goddamn suckers at france telecom (the french monopolistic pope of phone bizness here in France) to get a new phone line which will allow me to get my own connexion back, i gotta spend times and money in public computing access, which sucks enough to get me away of this place. The bad thing is that i'm starting to get echoes and comments about this blog (which is great, thanks to you people), and i just can't access and put new shit on it as i would like to.
I also try to get some free URL redirection for this site. i went though many stuff but if any of you people got some ideas, let me know.
i think i'll catch this www.june.back.to which isn't the ultimate thing but who can help, i dunno. we'll see.

At least i think i'll keep the work done with villagephotos which is a great free service when it comes to host pictures and stuff. It's pretty simple, and you can also resize or compress your pics by a great simple way. Well.

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