9 septembre 2002


Yeah it's been already a few days that i didn't post anything ; but it's not that much my own choice. In fact, i was connected almost every day for more than a week, but cannot modify my fuckin blog html template makes me so angry that i think about moving my blog to another hosting service.
In fact, even if all this shit that you read was done on blogger.com, and hosted by blogspot.com, i'm currently looking for some other place, like livejournal or something ; i don't have any but one complain to blogger. the system is very well done, really simple, the choices are great, the whole shit is just fine.
But there's a least one thing that sucks, and that's the big thing i would like to spend some times on these very last days : TEMPLATE !
I got some new links, and i would like to make a change or two in the links/archive side bar, too. Add some others blogs, do some color checkup and... well, whatever, but i just can't do this, i got the "template unavailable on our servers" shit message from blogger, and, well...
it's cool for them to get all this new people (a friend told me that in recent months/weeks, the blogmania became so huge that blogger saw more than 1000 new blog creations a day !) on their "coooooool" service, but my blog looks lost (well, parts of it), and i don't want this.

so, livejournal ?
I gotta check my blogmates first...

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