9 septembre 2002


Well, i was cleaning all this paper archives at home, loads of stuff that i used to print when it was out of mind to think about my own net connexion. I was printing lot of shit (interviews, reports, bios or biblios...) about Grant Morrison, David Lapham, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore,... well, you got the point.
And yes, i was printing it on recycled old paper, for you forest lovers out there.
While discovering brand new worlds, courtesy of people from the Bomb or other neopseudosubversiveparallelunderground nerd, there's a couple of things that just speak to me, directly.
I used to print old egroups mailing list archives, like the indie comics one, the vertigo board one, the Alan Moore one, and of course the invisible1 own mailing list. And while readin the old post there, i saw some of the best entertainment i ever had on this egroups website.
Some posts from a certain guy.
A man so-called Jack Clubb.
Those of you who used to talk or read the invisible1 egroup list probably remember the guy ; he was one of the first to jump into the concrete conversation with details about hat makes his life this... different.
Calling him an invisible is frankly an honest thing. the man did great interpretations of who you wanted to be after reading some mid-60's conspiracy sci-fi book, or while watching this good x-files episode (yeah, pretty old, i know...). He was a 40 sumthin (closer to 50) years old american man, who was nearly everything a cross between King Mob, Constantine, Spider Jerusalem and whoever from our favorites authors corner i coud think of.
At first i was thinking about a poor man with nothing to tell, some kind of false invisible enveloppe without a life and stuff in it. After a few posts, i was thinking about some kind of true-false fiction suit from some good author around, and why not from one of our idolized ones. After all, the G man himself, or Warren Ellis and co, were more than able to play this tricky trick.
Me, paranoiac ? you're kidding.
Drugs, fundamentalim, Rolling Stones, Margo St-James, government, KFC, sexuality, Yippie Dem Con, people control, crime stories, laptop, Zenger... Quickly, Jack's posts became the things i waited for.
It looks like it's been years, maybe decades. But i'm talkin about 1999 here...
I'd spent hours by trying to find where this strange but so interesting person could be. trying to get his email, trying to send stuff.
Can you help me, anyone ?

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Anonyme a dit…

Jack Clubb died in May 2009 of cancer. He was living in Madison WI at the time.

june a dit…

Thank you for the info dear unknown.
Sorry to hear about that.
Reading him was a truly great experience.