28 octobre 2002


americans, europeans, asians, africans... french scientists, intellectuals, artists, and thousands of other people already signed the "not in our name/pas en notre nom" petition for asking Georges W. Bush to stop making plans to make war to Iraq in the name of USA people.
if you know some french people who looks for directions to take, here's the last french update to the french commitee :
- Jean-Pierre Barrois, 56 avenue Diderot 9400 St-Maur - France :
barrois@univ-paris12.fr fax : 01 48 89 18 37
- Franþois Dominique, 74 rue de Velars 21370 Plombieres-les-Dijon - France :
aseroe@wanadoo.fr fax : 03 80 45 23 93
with them, we say "not in our name"... and maybe Georges will get a unexpected brain relaunch, what do you think ?

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