5 novembre 2002


here's something from Warren Ellis "bad signal" mailing list.
maybe it could be of interest or... hey, do i really have to care if it could be of interest ? should it be of interest ? hmmmmm.....

To: badsignal@lists.flirble.org
Subject: BAD SIGNAL: Fans
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 11:16:24 EDT
bad signal

This is about a man called Ronald Moore.Ê He's a TV writer.Ê He has been approached and hired by Sci-Fi Channel to remake an old sf TV show called BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.Ê BATTLESTAR GALACTICA was a screaming piece of shit, derivative and infantile and with absurdly heavy Mormon overtones.Ê It ran for a while, it failed, a quite astonishingly bad low-budget continuation called GALACTICA 80 got a season or so before being shot in the head.Ê Historically, this thing wasn't STAR TREK, and creatively it wasn't STAR COPS, you know?

But it has fans.

Ronald Moore, for reasons best known to himself, is courting the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fanbase, which evidently is more than three blokes with no friends and a goldfish.Ê The GALACTICA fans want a continuation of the old series, presumably complete with an exhumation of the actors who've died in the intervening years.Ê Moore has been hired to develop and write a remake.Ê This isn't exactly up for a vote.Ê Moore recently agreed to answer a list of questions posed
by fans attending a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA website.

Here's a partial list of what he was asked.Ê I haven't edited spelling, syntax or anything else bar excerpting some of the longer rants posed as questions to a professional writer who gave up paying work time to try and make a couple of hundred people who'll have no bearing on the project's success feel better:


Why are you trying to kill the goose that layed the golden egg? A continuation of BSG with a mix of the old and new cast is a sure winner. Why can't you and TPTB see that?

Are you lying to us, Mister Moore? NOTHING is going on with your production! Prove to us there is current movement or move on! We need some proof that you really filming & doing this miniseries.

First of all, you probably think everyone hates you and how you took over the show. That's completely true. So I will ask, how do you think fans will embrace your show and why will they embrace it?

I bumped into you at Paramount years ago. You've changed. When did you get a fire lit under you to be the next Gene Roddenberry?

why do you and others in your position fail to listen to what people want? would it not be more profitable to give the fans what they want?

I know Glen A. Larson owns the rights to the characters it was REALLY Richard Hatch who was the one who got this revival started and got the suits interested in the franchise why can you at the very least acknowledge the man and thank him for all he has accomplished Mr. Moore?

Mr. Moore, why do you lie (LIE) to us in some of your BG posts? You aren't telling the truth and you know it. Tell us.

When you were following your dream to become a writer, did you ever think that someday you would be using it to crush the dreams of others?

What right do you have to destroy something we all love?

Mr. Ronald D. Moore, recreating the cataclysmic events of human kind's destruction on BG is deplorable considering the tension over 9/11, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, fighting in other countries and warcomingsoon for Iraq, the U.S. And the U.K. Why are you choosing to retell the story of BG instead of continuing it?


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