20 novembre 2002

the guy used to get Pierre Bourdieu in his angry squad...

on tuesday evening, in my local tiny town, was some kind of meeting with one of the baddest asshole in the french media business, some guy called Pierre Carles. at first there was some projection of his latest project ("enfin pris ?", some kind of analysis and criticism of a so-called french journalist called Daniel Schneiderman, who got a tv show -on "France 5"- where everybody just launch shit to another one face, without any really smart ideas behind, well you got the point...).
we spoke with Mr Carles of many different things like neo-liberalism who isn't "neo" that much anymore, of the magnificient EU, of the place of the differents medias in our [nowadays] world (differences and interests -and whatever- in the press, the tv and even the radio...), and of course of the brand new totalitarism at its (soon future) best that comin slowly but surely here in France, thanks to our new government (i got agree that so-called socialism that rule the coutry before got looooaaads of bad results, too, except maybe the 35 hours of work/week laws) (and fuck to thoses who don't think the 35h are truly a good thing, by the way) : not only we had to choose between two assholes, but the winner of this stupid pseudo democratic game got some really hot suckers in his crew (Sarkozy and co and their many hardcore way of thinking "security in our country"). anyway. we talked about democrats, and why democratizzzm isn't 200% of pure happiness, we spoke about Michael Moore and his ability of playing with the medias for gaining more exposure, which is really something great (at least one thing) in the states today ; well, and of many other topics.
here's "enfinpris", his last documentary which is (like all his other ones) censured in France and not allowed to be broadcasted on french channels, and "rienfoutre", another project where Pierre Carles the utopist explains with examples why the whole concept of "working for live" is something that we shouldn't have to stand anymore (is my english clear on this last sentence ? i don't think so).
there's also some interesting infos here, here is his "journal of one week", something asked by the french magazine called "les inrocks", and which was censured by them, here is an interview to Uzine, and another one to S.P.A.M... i'm still waiting for infos about Pierre Carles's work in english : all the above mentionned links are in french... :(

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