19 novembre 2002


Well, it was a mess for months, so after some hard thoughts (with myself) and talks (with close and music enthusiasts of my friends), i've finally decided to stop my weekly radioshow on our tiny local campus radio ; this is only a matter of time, as i really want to find some more interesting radio to do this, as the current one i used for 3 years or something is just slowly becoming far from what a "campus" radio should be (well, my point -1 or 2- of view, eh eh, but i doubt you'll get "their" versions, uh...) ; it's a real shame and i'm not feeling lonely as a few friends decided to stop their programs too, so it feels more like a wastin' work from the so-called "boss" of this campus radio, than the loss of our passion, interest, and love of what we do (which is still hot, no worries).
we used to live some really good times up there, and my radio show was probably one of the best time in my weeks, as i was alone with my records and maybe a few people listening to it, sometimes giving me a phone call for tellin me how this record was cool or how my voice sucks. anyway.
i wonder how my sundays evenings will look like, now : do i really have to watch "ER" on TV ? will i fall asleep while reaching the end of the last Frank Miller's DK2, issue 3 (blearwweurwg...) ? maybe i'll finally be ready to finish the layouts for this page 14 who bring me so much pain to finish ? hell...
i'm working hard to find some safe place to bring my addiction (and maybe my pals), so i'll keep infos updated as far as i'll get some news about it.
well, at last there will be this (third info from the top... in fact, the bottom one), in something like 3 weeks ; oh yeah, and i'm not coming alone as my friends Alcor, Flo/Ease, JB and Farid will be part of the fiesta. Sounds fuckin'great, hotdammit. STAY AROUND YOUR COMPUTER, AND LISTEN TO IT ! please... eh eh eh.

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