3 décembre 2002


at first, here's a short list of yesterday' connexions on the planetoid ; germany, us, iran, austria, canada, denmark... i wonder if it's people who come here thanks to hazardous clicks or with direct links. anyway, if your name is Richard, Falk, Simon, Ian, TJ, Dan, or Gong... welcome here. i'm glad that my friends finally get the link, and i hope you will find some interesting shit here (ehr, let me doubt it, but anyway...).
1. 2 December 16:35 HP Labs, Palo Alto, United States
2. 2 December 17:12 America Online
3. 2 December 18:46 HP Labs, Palo Alto, United States
4. 2 December 21:08 Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, United States
5. 2 December 21:58 Tele Danmark, Denmark
6. 2 December 22:28 I.A.E.A., Vienna, Austria
7. 2 December 23:02 MobilCom Cityline GmbH, Germany
8. 3 December 03:54 TELUS Internet Services, Canada
9. 3 December 08:39 Energy Information Center, Iran
10. 3 December 09:59 France Telecom, France

yessss. these shit at nedstat is bloody wonderful. oh, and it's free, which helps, too. 8)

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