22 janvier 2003


Cristalo, one of the main drum'n'bass lover around, dj, promoter, and well knowed part of the Stray Bullets crew, was the guy responsible for the notorious d'n'b fanzine called "Break It Up !", back in the years where d'n'b was fresh, new and was rampaging our french territories.
for many reasons, he gave up bringing us the essentials infos & good reviews on a printed version, and for months, we were all waiting for the BreakItUp website that he promised us. still working on this (soon-to-be) regular updated corner, Cristalo is the proudly dad of a brand new nice drum'n'bass e-zine, available on its PDF format and, unfortunately for you non french speakers, in our frog-eater language.
you can ask Cristalo for receiving this monthly newsletter, or spend some time on the site, too.
he's a nice guy, and he's so sad since he know dj Krush mix some d'n'b tunes with Norman Cook's Beats International "dub be good to me" accapella, that maybe he deserves that we show him love and RESPECT.

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