24 janvier 2003


hurry hurry, some news about the festival. i will define all this shit in a better and correct english, but right now here are some cool moment of my days in Angouleme, untill now (friday, 5 pm) :

- yesterday nite, right after the results of awards, i phoned Gilles from BDnews for giving him the results. so check it for full infos about it, and hopefully some news about the festival, as i gotta send him some more infos, if i find a goddamn internet access here !

- Jean Pierre Dionnet was in the same train as Thierry and me. we spoke about his last projects, including Neil Gaiman, Caro (from Caro & Jeunet, of course), and... Warren Ellis ? wow. more news tonite. i'll keep the blog updated.

- Neil Gaiman told me that "sandman" will be published again in french, thanks to Delcourt. he signed (again !) my hardcover of "Death", some sandman tiny tale from a Vertigo comic book, and i got a sign for Sandrine on her copy of "how i swapped my dad for 2 goldfishes". the man wrote "best Fishes" with a draw of fish... he he he.

- Joann Sfar draw me a cat (from his last albums) doing some harmonica. i asked him about how Tautmina is doing, and he told me the following shit : "i told her that his dad will leave for a few days, and she ran away to the kitchen, took some cookies and gave it to me while saying "for you daddy"..
- (me) she's a genius ! :)
- (sfar) ... heck, you really read all this stuff, uh ?" while signing "harmonica".

- Art Spiegelman talks a lot. i've had a few words with somebody who looks close to him and who's french, so maybe it's her wife Francoise, and whe spoke about Art' latest project, printed in "Courrier International". more news soon.

- Trondheim is not at his favorite place, as usual. Sfar and Parme looks easy with signs, but Lewis is caustic as ever. he don't want to do anything else than Lapinot while signing, which disturb me.

- Eric Omond is cool as shit. he's the writer of many good childrens books, but he did an awesome "toto the platypus" draw in one of my book. maybe i'll get a few words from the official artist of the serie on it, too. won't be funnier ! :)

- Angouleme isn' t cold, and it's not raining, which is cool as shit.

gotta leave for now. i got to try to reach Sandrine. Thierry's phone is out, so we got to run everywhere for having some time for making a couple of phone calls. holy shit. that's sucks.

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