13 février 2003

2003 SUCKS.

or am i wrong ? i'm going through some news "big times" at the moment, having to deal with things i'm totally new to. not this easy to talk about, but i suppose you could call it "learning about life". and it comes complete with a nice package of dead dog smell like, mellow and corrosive shit, and awfuls headaches that can only be stopped with 36+ hours without sleeping.
the best part is that a lot of the things i did for "my" future these last weeks/months seems totally useless ; i'm 200% into our little comic project by now, but it's not this easy as i got to keep on strugglin with all these fuckin shit. hmmm... i wonder if anybody can understand what i'm talkin about here... i got doubts about it, so i stop for now and will try to find better times to talk about all the magnificent stuff happening out there ; well, i suppose.

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