17 février 2003


looks like i'm currently reaching new heights of emptyness : i finaly leave my "brand new" flat -for the 9th time or so, in 3 years- but without any particular destinations ; in fact, the only thing i know for sure is that i got to find some places for all my stuff (tons of comics, vinyl and cd records, books...), for a few weeks or months, depending or how quickly i'll be able to make some money. and waiting for this, i'll go from a place to another, thanks to a few friends cool enough for inviting me to join their fun. heck, i hope i'll not depress 'em... :)

so here it is. i'm now back in my "life in a backbag" condition, which is maybe the thing that i needed for months, by now. kind of kick in my butt, i hope. if it's not enough for making me trying to "live again", i dunno what could help. uh ? nothing ? hmmmm....

* my english sucks hardcore than ever. but i truly fuck you, so that's ok. ;)

* so, to make war or not make war ? these stupid north americans people (i talk about those who choose their "president", not the poor others...) seems so lost in their convictions that it's hard to trust a "nice" solution. i don't give a fuck about french government but i think it's the first time i'm so ok with them... "Blair> Bush's Bee-otch", "It's nothing to do with us, we were never there at the time, honest guv'", ""Man is born free and everywhere he is wrapped in plastic and duct tape", "I'm so bored with the USA", "Fight plaque, not Iraq", "War is God's way of teaching Americans geography", "I wants it, my precioussss", "Hedgehogs against the War", "Bush is just another word for cunt"... one again, the 'lith is planet earth 1st class ideamaker when it comes to jump in the mud...

* Grant sent me the Barbelith Mixtape number one ; the Mixtape project is an august 2002 Barbelith collective idea (thanks to Saveloy), and i really enjoy it : we defined a list of lithers, and the first 'lither recorded a track on a blank tape, sent it to a second one, who did the same and sent it to a third, etc... right now there's 2 tapes going from a country to another (the Barbelith is a global thing), and i just recorded my track on the 2nd tape ; it's a interesting and fun thing, and the result will be duplicated for all of those who made their print in this musical mess.
still on the Barbelith side, i got many many many stuff to finish (cd duplication...) for some of the coolest people on this planet (Fred from L.A., mr Illmatic in UK...), who gave away some real nice stuff. so all this shit will not be this easy to deal with, as i haven't got my own place now... but i'll do it !

* above : MF sent me a link for "Stay Free magazine", which is a real huge zine i saw at his place ; issue 20 covers many great shit, like Illegal Art, indymedia activism and objective analysis of (resume speed...) how this is a mad world we living in... MF got a cd who came with one of the last ish, and FUCK, this cd is dope : kind of a direct application of their anti marketting-all-this-planet-hotdammit way of life, the editors did a great compilation of unauthorized or unpublished tracks due to so called "abusive use of samples"... which offer us a cool compilation of some fat tracks including Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, and many other great hip hop, electronica, etc... and there's one of the best tracks i've ever heard of my whole life : a kind of a "new" version of "we are the world", back in Bob Geldof's Band Aid days, where the "authors" just sing ON the original track, and i don't talk about the original instrumental track, no : they just sing ON the original edit... the new lyrics are terrific. nuff said.

* above : french fave Manu Larcenet got a new comic, released soon from Dargaud (first five pages here). and a new fan site, too.

* "LXG" ? "LXG" ? what does it means ? uhhh... I'm quite afraid of how it will turns to be... "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" becoming "LXG" ? god... :(

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