19 février 2003


* Art Spiegelman decided to leave the New Yorker, in protest to what he calls "the widespread conformism of the mass media in the Bush era." "The decision to leave was mine alone," the author of Maus, the saga of Jewish mice exterminated by Nazi cats that won him the Pulitzer Prize (the first given to a comic book), explained in an interview with the Corriere della Sera.
"The director of the New Yorker, David Remnick, was shocked when I announced my resignation. He attempted to dissuade me. But I told him that the kind of work that I'm now interested in doing is not suited to the present tone of the New Yorker. And, seeing that we are living in extremely dangerous times, I don't feel like stooping to compromise..." (...more on Tom Engelhardt's excellent page. so go, you wanker, and read it all !)

* "Mister Bush and Mister Blair
That pair are oh so silly
I think the reason for this war
Is that they've got small willies
Repression is their motto
So seldom do they spank
I think they should get mutual
And share a friendly wank
" - Mister Paul, Ireland

and much more on a pretty cool link on how to help stop this soon-to-be WW v.3.1 (thanks to Ian for the name of george W' wishes, and to the Haus from the 'lith squad).

* don't miss Fabrice Neaud if you're in London !

the great french artist will be at the University of Leicester - School of Modern Languages
University Road - Leicester LEI 7RH - UK - Tél. : +44 (0) 116 252 2683
on april, friday 11th. i'm not sure, but maybe "l'Association" co-creator JC Menu and Tanitoc will be there too. anyway, Fabrice Neaud is an artist to watch for ; his work (his bio, in french, sorry !) is really amazing : plenty of emotion, and with a real huge approach of the narrative process. his appearance alongside Jiro Taniguchi at Angouleme 2003 was really smart and interesting, by the way. the guy's got things to tell, and he do it with a perfect twist, his own.

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