19 février 2003


thanks thanks thanks to KookyAnnaMojoWhoElse?... who made my day this weekend by getting all the stuff you can look for about the Marchs for Peace. or, at least, not war. anyway, you got the point.
alongside the tons and tons of interesting stuff Anna's compiled for you lazy assholes, here's one link who must be watched by everybody, 15 minutes a day, and i think this world will be better. yeah, i'm a doctor. and i'm afraid i'll ask you to put off your clothes, by the way.
And while on the subject (bush versus the world, not the naked stuff), here's an inside feeling of what united states of america residents think of this shit, courtesy of my friend Ian, antiproud-of-being-american guy at its best...

i'm so sorry, i really find it so funny...

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