20 février 2003


yeah, we're still on this godammnnn new comics scene topic here...
and yes, Joann Sfarr is everywhere, he even did this nice piece of work for the festival. ohhhh, nice guy. :)

as i already wrote, there's a new festival (well, nearly new, as it's its second edition) in mid-march, in a little town from south/eastern france. Bourg-les-Valence, V 2.0, will see the visit from such artists like LEWIS TRONDHEIM - PAKITO BOLINO - JEAN-CHRISTOPHE MENU - MARJANE SATRAPI - JOANN SFAR - LIONEL TRAN - CHRISTOPHE BLAIN - CHARLES BERBERIAN - CIZO - EMMANUEL GUIBERT - BRUNO HEITZ - JASON - KILLOFFER - SANDRINE REVEL - TANQUERELLE - WINSHLUSS - AMBRE - PAUL CARALI - FABRICE NEAUD - ALEXIS NESME - FREDERIC PEETERS.... and probably many more to come.
right now, i'm using all the Force inhabiting me for making MC, Thierry, Seb (and maybe a few others) coming...

some Pakito Bolino (le Dernier Cri) artwork above ; one of the many, many artists to come.

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