21 février 2003


I received this, which is something that Paul Ewert sent to the Small Press Comics yahoo mailing-list.
"Minneapolis comic shop featured in local newspaper.
Splashed across the front page of the latest edition of Skyway News are the words "Superheroes to Subversives". It is the headline for an article focusing on Minneapolis comic shop Big Brain Comics.
If you are interested in reading the article and can't get a copy of the Skyway News, you can read it here.
Big Brain Comics is located 81 South 10th Street in Minneapolis, MN.The Skyway News is a free weekly newspaper distributed to 30,000 readers in Downtown Minneapolis. You can find them online here


Philippe, the guy who took care of us while in Angouleme last january, for the comics festival, sent me a few pictures a while ago, and i totally forgot to put it here.
meanwhile, who will cares ? anyway. here's some shots of the friday night crew :

me, Flavien (with a "vertigo rave" that Neil Gaiman just signed for me), Cathy (reading something), Thierry (his back), and Philippe's neighboor/friend.

Cathy (reading), Thierry, me (looking for some work from the next person), and a young aspiring artist (her back) who came in Angouleme for help or publishing informations, who was also sleeping at Phil's this friday night.
Thierry probably speaks about Emmanuel Guibert, Lewis Trondheim, or about the French editor Mosquito. or about the situation of comics industry at the moment. or about how fed up he is with this rain. or maybe about our meeting with Jean Pierre Dionnet in the train for Angouleme. or maybe he asks if it's ok for using the bathroom. :)

Flavien, Thierry, me, Cathy, and the young artist girl.

oh yes, also : while in Angouleme, we saw many great artists and authors, and we got a few signs or little draws from them on some of our comics. call us fans...
Thierry got some stuff from Yann Degruel on a copy of "Gen Gys Khan" (Delcourt), from Alexis Nesme on a "Grabouillon" (Delcourt), from Eric Omond on a "Toto l'ornythorinque" (Delcourt), from Lewis Trondheim on the last "Lapinot" (Dargaud), from Emmanuel Guibert on his "La Guerre d'Alan" (l'Association), from Zanzim on "Les Yeux Verts" (Carabas), from Etienne on "Gargouilles", and of course from the loved Frederik Peeters on "Lupus" (Atrabile), probably the best comic released in this beginning of year.
I personnaly got signs from Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean on some Sandman (old original issues from DC), some Death miniserie (the hardcover of the 1st miniserie, and the first issue), a nice The Dreaming cover, and on The Day i Swapped my Dad for 2 Goldfishes (Delcourt french edition), one from Neil alone on a tale he did in some Vergigo Preview a while ago, and which is one of the greatest stuff i ever read (Kent Williams was at the pencils), one from Frederik Peeters inside "Constellation" (l'Association), from Eric Omond on a "Toto l'ornythorinque" (Delcourt), one from Jason on "dis moi quelque chose" (Atrabile), 2 from Joann Sfar on a "Petit Vampire" (Delcourt) and on "Harmonica" (l'Association). I also got one from Lewis Trondheim, while drinking something together at la gare de Lyon in Paris, with Thierry and Brigitte, Lewis's wife but also a great colorist of many cool comics. Lewis did a nice Lapinot in one
of its "Carnets de Bord" (l'Association), and a cool little fly on Sandrine's copy of "la Mouche" (Seuil).

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