3 mars 2003


so i got these ideas about a new trip to our dear ol' USA ; and i'd a talk with friends from there, asking them if any possibilities of catching them while in NY, Philly, or even (why "even", hotammit ?!...) Minnesota.
and one of them answers me, which was great to read. and yes, i know that you don't give a shit about my personnal stories, but it's a BLOG, after all so i felt like i got the right to post it here :
Awesome! I can't wait. No matter where you show up, I will find you and we will meet. I am only about three hours away from D.C., four hours from NYC, and 3.5 from Philly!!! Plus, I might be going to Minnesota. So we will meet up for certain!
I'm glad you are coming over here. It should be good for you to get out of Europe and see some decadent American culture. Get your mind off all the shit back there in Besancon.
At any rate, please keep me informed of when you will be coming and any future plans. I hope you are doing better and life is becoming more stable again over there.
Be content and I will write more soon. Now it's off to school... merde, it's damn cold out there!
Be well, Ju. Be well.
Cheers, I.
P.S. I just read a review of a new APC album. I wonder if they released it after breaking up or something. Know anything about this? :)

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