10 mars 2003


so, once again i don't have much time these days, but at least i've done a few updates on the best blog ever, this one. :)

- Akroe, this goddamn Akroe, finally updated his site. you'll find plenty of graphics wonders, tons of funny wall paitings, and all this stuff result on a really interesting website, even if it's quite sad to see all this 2d magnificent shit in a simple pressbook format. meanwhile, it's quite simple to check all of his artwork, and if you don't have the best computer ever, it will be ok for you, too, so i guess it's okay.

- i'm not this alone in my lost eastern (and sometimes forgotten) France, being too much inside comics ! this saturday, Thierry and I finally meet Matthieu and Everland, and Everland's wife ; both of these 2 guys are making their way into this medium, and if they're spending probably too much time on bulledair.com (you can find them 24/24h here), they also save time for some personnals projects that really make me wanna keep an eye on it.
Matthieu, between other things, do some work in "Pavillon Rouge" (Delcourt publishing monthly magazine), he's also the man behind Christophe Blain's "Submarine" website (any update here ?), while Everland, Prince of the Potatoe Kingdom, is well knowed for his potatoidesk approach of illustrations, as seen in some fanzines, in "Grosbill" (some new french comics magazine), between other stuff...

- at last, i've finished a cover for next months' program of Mulhouse greatest place for concerts and events, a place called "le Noumatrouff". I will post it here as soon as i'll be able to do it. but nobody miss anything, believe me. ;)

- "le Combat Ordinaire" from Manu Larcenet (Dargaud publisher) and "Lupus" from Frederik Peeters (Atrabile publisher) are the 2 main french comics that deserve to be read, quickly, quickly. 2 differents styles, 2 differents creators, but 2 great stories to read, indeed. plus, both of them are really great guys, and for sure there's tomorrow top creators.
well, my humble opinion, uh.

oh yeah, and we spent this whole sunday afternoon drinking cokes under the sun !
yeah, yesterday ! in march ! under THE SUN !!! too godamm cool...

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