11 mars 2003

mmmmh... sweet bwwwwoooooy... look a these eyes... uh ? and this nice glasses.... mmmhhh....   BIG UP TO MY MAN J OUT THERE !


or something. Black Joy, some long time dj/producer/beat head of my favorites, finally got some his first 12" ("untitled/paloma") at your local record shop. retro future vision of funk (taken from the artist's bio page) is one of the many definition of the guy's music, but as usual, it's not this easy to describe feelings when it comes to name it, maybe you got to check it by yourselves, you lazy people ; anyway, Black Joy is available through Project Recordings, some french record label that we got to watch.
Chronowax take care of its distribution, so i think that finding it must be quite easy.
so this is it. check it, buy it, and if you want, buy 2 and send me one... :)

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