24 mars 2003


the infamous Ninja Tune inprint dedicated to hip hop (well, another view of what hip hop is) launched its own kind of blog...
"It's like a mutant cross between a blog and a bulletin board, with artists and label-folk able to post up items on the left and site users able to add their two penny's worth on the right. It ain't a whole new forum, cos Ninja have kind of got that locked down, but it is a place where people can go and read or write whatever they feel like. Or, if that sounds a bit worthy, a place where misfits can gather and talk shit".
there's already artists from the label who wrote on it, like the unmissable Teki Latex from TTC who talks about girlzz (Ellen Alien, right now) and some various other shit :
"(...)and i just watched the Goonies DVD with the infamous octopus scene at the end, it's really a must see (especially the Cindy Lauper video for "goonies r good enough", the theme song that was used later on in the NES video game "goonies 2", which clouddead sampled on "jimmybreeze") (...)"
'nuff said ! ;)

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